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About us

At DiMeo Construction Company, we believe that the only way to exceed expectations is to learn and understand what our clients want and provide the results they deserve.


That begins with a consultation in which we learn about your ideas and goals. After that, we will come up with a design for the new or remodeled space. Call today to schedule an appointment. We serve clients in Westport, CT Fairfield, CT and Norwalk, CT.

Our Team.

Michael DiMeo

C: 203-449-3190
F: 203-724-3929

Kevin Vallerie

C: 203-943-0852

Our Process

I am constantly thinking outside the box on how to achieve the clients and architects’ goal while maximizing craftsmanship, time and cost. It’s a constantly moving target but the fundamentals are the same good quality craftsmanship, caring and enjoying what you do, and complete transparency throughout.


Typically, a client would call up looking for say a new home, I would meet with them and figure out their aesthetics and their personality. I would then recommend an architect/designer that I think they would enjoy collaborating with the client to achieve the design of their dreams and total scope of the project. DiMeo Construction requires a small retainer to budget the job alongside the design team, so by the end of the design you not only have a blueprint of what your project will look like but also a cost analysis connected to every piece of the project. Once agreed upon, off to the fun part, let’s get building!



Perhaps, you need some guidance on a family room or extra storage space. DiMeo Construction specializes in home remodeling and design including kitchens, bathrooms, room additions, patios, and more.
Kitchen Remodeling
The kitchen is a gathering place for families and friends to cook, eat, and relax. This is the most “lived” in room of any house and must be fully functional and practical.
Carpenter Assembling Newly Made Windows
Our Services
Carpenter at Work
Common Home Additions
Common home additions that great value to your home are, Kitchen expansion, Master Bedroom, Bathroom Addition, Sunroom, Home Office, Family Room, Home Gym, Extra Storage Space.
Room Addition
A great investment to add more rooms to your current home without having to go out and buy a bigger house. In fact, a room addition is a perfect way to get a real unique customization for your house.
Bathroom Remodeling
It might be time for an upgrade. DiMeo offers quality bathroom design & remodeling to transform your disgusting old bathroom into the luxurious bathroom you have always dreamed about!

Our Expertise


- Design-Build

- Scheduling

  Estimating & Budgeting

  • Quality Control

  • Safety Management

  • Subcontractor Management



- Certificate of Occupancy

- As-built documentation

- Warranty

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